Mission Statement

Our mission at Tri Tech Automation originates from:

Our Partnerships: Tri Tech Automation is committed to forming mutually beneficial partnerships with industrial production and manufacturing companies. We seek partnerships with clients who understand the potential to maximize their competitiveness and profitability through innovation, accelerating time to market, reducing risk, and reducing total cost of ownership. We work with our partners to achieve those outcomes by leveraging their data to better inform decision-makers, empower their workforce with the right tools and insights, and standards-driven engineering practices.

Our Team: Tri Tech Automation is committed to the personal and professional growth of our team members. We create an environment where our people are inspired and enabled to maximize their impact and realize their full potential. We understand that our most valuable asset is our people, and we work constantly to ensure Tri Tech Automation is the best place to develop a career in our industry.

Our Country: Tri Tech Automation is committed to making the United States of America the most competitive manufacturing country. With a holistic focus on unlocking the potential of our workforce, leveraging the latest technology, and supporting the innovation of new production methods, we will create the most efficient and effective manufacturing capability in the world.

We are committed to Perfecting American Manufacturing.

Thank you for the opportunity to partner with your team.
The Partners at Tri Tech Automation
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Why Work With Tri Tech Automation?


Customer Obsession

We believe in understanding our customers’ business needs inside and out.


Operational Excellence

Going above the call in everything we do to drive maximum value for our customers.


Building Partnerships

Aligning with innovative companies that are market disrupters and working together for mutual success and growth.

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Taking Ownership

Taking full control and responsibility of the deliverable and driving it through to completion.

team of people

Our Team is Family

We are dedicated to making a positive impact in our employees’ lives and taking care of each other through good times and bad.

Our Clients

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