Our Capabilities in the Power Generation Industry

As the power generation industry becomes more efficient, it is crucial that your plant remains at the forefront of a constantly evolving market. You need reliability. You need consistently available energy. And you need your plant to accomplish all of this in a heavily regulated market. Tri Tech Automation can provide solutions to achieve this, and we provide support for those solutions too.

We systematically enhance our systems to create a comprehensive, effective solution designed to support each facet of your process, from conceptualization to market delivery.

What Makes Tri Tech Automation Different

We are different because we take a holistic view of your business and propose the best and most viable solutions possible. Check out what else makes us the best partner in the power generation industry:

75 Years Experience

We bring our years of experience to the table in order to perfect American Manufacturing and help make the United States the most profitable country in the world.

Full Project Execution

We have the capabilities to design, fabricate, and deliver all portions of a project in house. This makes us a one stop shop for a driller to get projects executed.

Driven by Innovation

Our main focus has been to find innovative customers that we can work with and solve their problems, thereby, making a positive impact on their business.

Power Plant Automation Solutions

In everything from traditional to renewable generation and distributed energy to virtual power plants, Tri Tech’s integrated digital solutions will help extend the life of your facility. Leveraging our extensive operational consulting experience, we have completed hundreds of solutions for these segments of the power generation field:

  • Coal fired – While it might not be the future direction of the industry, it is still the workhorse. Our power industry experts can work with you to mitigate the effects of cycling in addition to improving coal plant availability and profitability.
  • Gas fired – Gas-fired power plants have clear economical advantages due to their short construction period, low capital investment, and excellent dynamic response in operation. Automation can provide the functionality and speed to control gas power generation equipment for maximum uptime and flexibility.
  • Hydropower – Hydroelectric harnesses the gravitational force of flowing water, making it the original renewable. You’ll want to make sure your hydroplant maximizes reliability with a stable power output.
  • Renewable Power Generation – There is a growing push to have more electricity generated from renewables. Use our integrated control and information solutions to capture and convert the rays of the sun more efficiently.
  • Wind – Wind power has been steadily gaining popularity, with large offshore farms becoming a reality. Without correct management of those farms, you cannot maximize generation.
Electric turbine generator in power plant