Industrial Network Solutions

As a highway capable of handling large amounts of real-time data and information, your industrial networks need to run reliably for all levels, from the plant floor to production, off-site suppliers, corporate analysts, and more. Our experienced team can not only assess and design a scalable solution for your manufacturing application, but can also install and monitor this secured network infrastructure to allow for seamless data transmission and quick device access.

Our Approach Toward Industrial Networking Solutions

In this time more than ever, a properly architected and deployed industrial network is critical to the functionality, accessibility, and security of a site. Our approach is to rightsize the network with a focus on flexibility and fault tolerance while keeping an eye on future expansion and emerging technologies and threats. Our core competency lies in the layers 1, 2, and 3 industrial networks and their hardware.

At Tri Tech Automation, we are dedicated to delivering innovative networking solutions that make a positive impact on our customers’ business.

Tri Tech Automation is experienced in the design and implementation of solutions that can seamlessly connect and share data across many disparate systems. With expertise in both the IT and manufacturing operations space, we can help you meet data requirements built for today and scalable for tomorrow.

Our specialists have expansive industrial automation expertise, which allows us to fully assess your IT assets and identify potential security and performance issues. This, in turn, helps reduce your exposure to risks, unexpected costs, and other problems within your entire infrastructure. Furthermore, our team not only gets your network up quickly, but also does it right the first time to avoid future performance issues.

What makes Tri Tech Automation different is our advanced architecture and configuration capabilities. A lot of companies stay with a flat network and unmanaged switches. Meanwhile, we use IT-centric technologies and capabilities in our industrial networking services, such as routing, VLAN set-up, NAT protocols, and more.

Our Industrial Networking Services

1. Network Assessment & Requirements

We perform a gap analysis of what you have and where you need to go in terms of communication bandwidth, security, expandability, future proofing, and more.

2. Design

We come up with a thorough configuration design and future-proofed industrial network architecture that involves a range of software and switching and routing hardware components.

3. Deployment

We install the full network at your site and ensure everything is communicating the way it’s intended by personally configuring all ports and installing all switches, routers, media (whether it’s fiber or copper), and industrial ethernet cabling.

4. Monitoring

We can monitor network performance and bandwidth restrictions, thereby reducing or eliminating bottlenecks. Overall, we help ensure your network meets installation, security, performance, and governing standards.

Benefits of Industrial Networking

Enhanced Cybersecurity

Factory floors need to operate with minimal downtime, while maintaining the highest levels of security. Having higher security and control of network traffic ensures that your valuable data remains secure.


Designing a network for expandability is essential in our growing market. You must be able to add more elements—like switches and expanding configurations—without having to rework an entire network.

Harsh Environments

A network that cannot handle a harsher environment is a drain on both time and money. Therefore, components within an industrial network must have a higher tolerance for extreme temperatures and vibrations than office-based networks.

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