Digital Transformation is the bedrock of Industry 4.0, the era in which manufacturing operations around the world have the opportunity to harness data from across their plant facilities to make better business decisions and to operate seamlessly between business systems and operations. The insights, achieved through the transmission and management of data from devices of all types, can drive efficiency, reduce downtime, enhance safety and add profit to the bottom line. Furthermore, the interoperability that can be achieved between OT and IT systems through Digital Transformation with real-time data can accelerate decision-making and insure maximum efficiency in operations and production.

The Tri Tech team is proud to guide our customers on their Digital Transformation journeys. As a company founded in the era of Industry 4.0 with a focus on industrial automation and the related services needed to build or improve plant operations, we have the distinct advantage of understanding and implementing the advancements possible through digitization. We take a keen interest in your goals, understand your challenges, and create the vision to realize your untapped potential – doing the work it takes to execute on the plan with expertise and flexibility to tackle shifting priorities.

Your Digital Transformation Journey

Digital Transformation truly is a journey, one that is unique to every organization. You can expect the following when working with the Tri Tech team:

  • First and foremost, we believe that digital transformation is attainable for everyone.
  • Our starting point together could be as simple as upgrading a machine or other piece of infrastructure to harness insights. Or, you could be further along in the process and ready for more advanced digitization with your operations into your business systems.
  • Tri Tech simplifies the process of Digital Transformation, starting where you are and leveraging an agile approach which allows us to:
    • Identify priorities
    • Define gaps to achieve goals
    • Adjust quickly (Agile) to channel focus on moving priorities
    • Unlock hidden value from systems

The Tri Tech Approach to Digital Transformation

To deliver on our promise of making Digital Transformation attainable for everyone, Tri Tech follows an agile strategy which breaks down your overall project into prioritized sprints to accomplish quick wins and deliver the benefits of your investment sooner. It also allows for our approach to shift over time as we learn from previous sprints, as technology advances, and your goals and priorities evolve. It’s unique to your journey and is digestible and realistic for practical execution.

Tri Tech also holds extensive experience working with both Operational Technology (OT teams) on the plant floor, as well as Information Technology (IT teams) typically responsible for not only the communication backbone of a company but the enterprise-wide business and security systems. This is important because IT/OT convergence, and collaboration between the two, is critical to the success of your Digital Transformation initiatives.

Finally, the Tri Tech team will leverage the collective strength of our organization to deliver expertise in all areas needed to execute upon your Digital Transformation strategy. Industry 4.0 is part of our pedigree – in all areas of our business. Your strategy is supported by a team of Tri Tech experts in the following areas:

Digital Transformation Services

Tri Tech's digital transformation process

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The Tri Tech team is ready to help shape your Digital Transformation vision and roll up our sleeves to bring it to reality.

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