How much capacity is left untapped in your factory? Chances are, you’ve built a budget based on a number that is far less than what you actually have the ability to produce. That’s because you must account for unexpected downtime, accidents, quality issues, and routine maintenance periods that require you to shut down production. What if you could tap into that, producing more product with the resources you already have and operating more efficiently than before?

That is the Hidden Factory, and Digital Transformation with Tri Tech is your key to unlocking it.

Through the process of accessing, organizing and historizing real-time data from your operations into a single source of truth, you gain visibility into your operations, capabilities for analytical gools like ML/AI to gain insights on inefficiencies, closing the loop with existing business systems for recipe, quality, production and schedules (to name a few) to maximize productions and agility for your clients.

The Benefits of Unlocking the Hidden Factory

There are several ways discovering your Hidden Factory can benefit your company. A few examples include:

  • Prescriptive Maintenance … rather than an arbitrary maintenance shut-down for equipment and production lines (preventative), and rather than following a simple trend (predictive), monitor data of device and systems to be Prescriptive. Gain insights on the massive number of samples of the overall system can provide and utilize Machine Learning algorithms to prescribe the downtime not “just because”. The data produced by the devices, sensors and gauges on your machines will indicate when a part may be in need of replacement or repair and over time, machine learning will detect patterns to alert you of any problems before disaster strikes. And just as important, you’ll have the insights to know when to have the parts on hand when needed for repairs.
  • Operations Calibration … machines/systems are typically commissioned and calibrated in the beginning(startup) or a random intervals, plus the calibration efforts are often narrowly focused and not incorporating neighboring systems and elements. Having digitized operations allows continuous monitoring as well as suggested calibrations to increase efficiencies and gain value which was previously unrealized.
  • Inventory Control … your data will indicate how much raw material your machines are using and compare that to what you have in stock to trigger an order at the appropriate intervals.
  • Supplier Communication for Quality Control … throughout the course of production, you’ll be able to monitor data and automatically report back to your suppliers where quality excels and where challenges may be present. It creates a true partnership to help you always deliver on the quality your customers expect.

While these are common scenarios we encounter as we work toward unlocking our customers’ Hidden Factories, we do recognize that everyone’s needs and goals are unique. Regardless of what challenge you’re trying to address through data, Tri Tech will partner with you to ensure the direction that is taken will positively impact your business and operations, now and into the future.

TriTech's Hidden Factory Transformation Process

Unlocking your Hidden Factory Gives You a Competitive Advantage

It’s no surprise that manufacturers who embrace digital transformation experience a wide range of benefits that deliver an immediate competitive advantage and set the table for future innovations. Those who are already on their journey, or begin soon, will have a head start as fully digitized factories become the norm. Others will fall behind, finding themselves struggling to keep up (and quite frankly, to just survive).

Tri Tech’s approach follows an agile implementation strategy that makes digital transformation attainable for manufacturing organizations of all sizes. We start where you are with the digital transformation efforts that will provide the most immediate impact and set the foundation. This spreads your investment over time and ensures you’re always capitalizing on the latest technology available and taking the right next steps for your organization’s digital transformation.

Ready to Get Started?

Tap into your untapped potential. It’s there, and it may be greater than you think. Connecting data that’s hiding in unshared spreadsheets across your plant floor, developing solutions that collect and analyze data from disparate devices, and delivering it to you in real time help you unlock your Hidden Factory. We look forward to the opportunity to transform your business.

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