Our Capabilities in the Cement Industry

As populations rise and urbanization grows, the global demand for cement production is set to increase between 12 to 23% by 2050. Cement producers not only have to meet this growing need, but do so in an economical and energy-efficient way that produces high-quality cement that can build the world of tomorrow.

From quarry to packing and dispatch, our information-enabled solutions are designed to support each facet of your process, like system design, implementation, maintenance, and more. Capabilities include:

  • Power distribution
  • Integrated process control systems
  • Precisely control crushers
  • Material blending
  • Model predictive control
  • Advanced LV/MV motor solutions
  • Thermal and combustion control for kilns
  • Control energy use in mills
  • Simulate and optimize supply chain tasks
  • Lifecycle services
  • Electrification and plant engineering
  • Plant modernization

What Makes Tri Tech Automation Different

Tri Tech Automation excels at merging services, skills, and the right equipment to develop a customized solution that strengthens your entire operation regardless of project size. We are different because we take a holistic view of your business—you simply specify the requirements and we take the responsibility for creating the best solution that works smoothly and efficiently. Check out what else makes us the best partner in the cement industry:

Partnerships in the concrete industry

For 75 years, our main focus has been to find customers that we can work with and solve their problems, thereby, making a positive impact on their business.

Full ownership of projects

We take full control and responsibility over the deliverable and drive it through to completion.

Staying abreast of the marketplace

Urbanization demands are constantly changing, so we try to think one step ahead in the concrete industry.

Cement Automation Solutions

Cement manufacturing solutions come down to cost-effective production, mitigating per ton costs, improving process control, and managing motor control technologies effectively to maintain reliable operation. Our solutions can help you achieve these goals and more, including:

  • Quarry-to-market visibility – When intelligent assets are integrated and connected to a secure network infrastructure, cement producers gain visibility into all areas of the enterprise which enables better business decisions
  • Access to data points – An advanced cement information management solution gives you access to thousands of data points instantly, including business, financial, production, environmental, technical. and quality management data.
  • Greater productivity and reliability – Complete access to plant and operating information from a single “window” allows you to deploy personnel and resources effectively, thereby, improving equipment performance and achieving greater productivity.
  • Environmental safety – The more stringent environmental regulations become over the next few years, the more money is spent on waste processing, disposal, and supervision. Our environmental measurements and monitoring will enable you to increase environmental safety while keeping costs to a minimum.
Cement production factory on mining quarry. Conveyor belt of heavy machinery loads stones and gravel