Our Capabilities With Consumer Products of All Types

In the fast-moving consumer goods industry, you can‘t slow down to let technology catch up. To support the escalating consumer demands, manufacturing companies from all over the United States turn to Tri Tech Automation to simplify and speed up many of the processes that slow their products’ route to market. In turn, they can find smarter ways of turning their ideas into reality and getting them on shelves faster.

We have experience in working with consumer products in a variety of applications including cosmetics, personal care, household goods, cleaning products, appliances, and more. Our capabilities span all aspects of consumer goods process automation, system integration, and engineering, such as:

  • Assembly
  • Material handling 
  • Inspection and testing
  • Packaging
  • Machine tending

What Makes Tri Tech Automation Different

In the consumer goods industry, you want a partner who can set you up for success with a system that‘s tailored to your facility, improves production, and reduces total cost of ownership. At Tri Tech Automation, we deliver holistic solutions that include expertise and easy-to-use software to meet all of your needs.

75 years experience

The consumer goods industry demands flexibility and innovation. We know the problems you face (such as dynamic changes in production for seasonal or specialty products) and can come up with solutions to meet these one-of-a-kind challenges.

Efficiency & Improved Performance

Our continuous commitment to single-source innovation streamlines your automation process and coordinates all aspects of your solution for maximum productivity, efficiency, and quality control for every product that leaves your plant.

We are your partner

We partner with only the most innovative companies to make every aspect of the automation solution responsive to your application requirements.

Consumer Goods Automation Solutions

We‘re here to help you get more work done in less time, with the tracking and control you need to ensure that everything‘s in the right place.

  • Material handling – Manufacturers are continuously searching for new ways to save on production costs, reduce material waste, and improve quality control. Therefore, automation can be used to help material handling and inspection during the beginning stages of production.
  • Assembly of products – Our automation solutions can handle the toughest industrial processes and inspection challenges to guarantee optimal precision as well as confirm that goods are free of defects.
  • Packaging – Manufacturing automation can help provide the inter-system data exchange and oversight necessary to ensure that all your assembled goods are properly-sealed, correctly assembled, tamper-proof, and free of defects to avoid recalls and reworks.
  • Shipping – Automation technology can improve efficiency during package filling. Data transfer can ensure that shipping containers are appropriately filled, items are positioned with maximum efficiency and economy, and that there are no missing elements.